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Ethnic Deco Bohemian House Decor

Here is more than one term to describe bohemian house decor wind blowing on our interiors. This style of ethnic deco, in the Californian style ultra-casual inspired 70s evolves. If the trend of bohemian house decor interior reflected a colorful atmosphere, it slips to a sleek universe… Linens quilted pastel prints, hippie chic weaves, macramé suspensions from which emerge green plants … Your living room is without charm, your room without style? Stitch the decor of decorative accessories with ethnic prints to completely change the game!

Bohemian Deco

Bohemian Deco

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The Navajo cushions on the swing serving sofa, stripe cotton fringe sewn around a wicker basket, a jute rug with geometric designs… And that’s all the space that comes alive! Let it be said, this season, bohemian accessories leave the bright shades. And slice ​​to adopt the pastel colors or black and white.

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A way to decline the folk style on a chic fashion and couture. Color or in beige, plain, with geometric patterns or in tie and dye, in small or large format, fringed or fluffy … If it were necessary to retain an accessory emblematic of the bohemian style, the weaving would undoubtedly be that one! It is adopt as a large single piece on the wall. Or in series of 2 or 3 (smaller size) to install a gypset atmosphere in the blink of an eye in the house.

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